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Your Dream Will Be Your Reality ft. Ram Abishek

Mr. Ram is the founder of the RSK restaurant in India, one of the top-rated restaurants in South India. Besides the fact that he runs a successful business in India, his entire upbringing and education were from Malaysia.

He often traveled to India during his upbringing and always had a unique passion for food. During his college days, he used to work part-time in a restaurant. However, the main reason was not to earn money, but to learn the cooking styles of restaurants. At the same time, he was doing his Diploma in Electrical Engineering. Two totally different fields from his desired profession, as his parents never supported him wanting to run a restaurant business. He said that what you dream and think will definitely become your reality and he always dreamt and kept thinking about food!  

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Know Your Priority

Once college was over, he planned to go and work in India with his relatives, but everything changed when the best idea in his life came to him. Instead of working without passion in his relative’s company, he wanted to work in his own company. With very little savings and a struggling fight with his parents, RSK restaurant started with very basic and minimum resources. However, his utmost priority was given in cooking tasty and healthy food. He advised youngsters who are planning to run a business to always be mentally prepared for their future in the business.

“The kind of power and strength, both mentally and physically, will be at its peak during one’s educational phase of life. Never think of whether you are old or young, think of whether you know the job and if you are serious in life.”

Photo by Freepik on Freepik

It's All About Passion

Mr. Ram advises that one is nothing without another in the factor of education or working experience. The education he received in Malaysia definitely gave him a whole new perspective in spite of studying what was not his basic interest. The spark in his brain when he sees people loving his food is the fuel for him in working happily.

The knowledge that I personally absorbed from him was that only in business should you use your brain. If it’s anything other than the business, you should always follow your heart. Upon hearing this, it got me thinking about my future. I ended up following his advice and continued my education in Malaysia. If I were to get angry at the difficulties I face on my journey, I always remember his wise words.

“Every student should remember that time waits for no one. Spending each and every day doing useless things then regretting it later isn’t a way to live.”

Hearing this created an impact on me which I will remember every day. When asked about the problems in his starting days, he says that even till today, he faces problems that make him go crazy and sad. However, you wouldn’t know what happiness feels like if you don’t know sadness.

He Followed This for Happiness

Mr. Ram is proud of his past decisions. His focus is now entirely on his customers and the quality of his food. He keeps on to the point that his passion was more important than his financial investment. His discipline and optimism were his actual investment. Mr. Ram always encourages students to not be afraid and to start working towards your desired passion.  

By: Suriya Kanthan


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