Why Theatre Studies Is Still Relevant in Today’s Age

Theatre is less common nowadays, especially in today’s age. However, there are universities that still provide theatre courses from time to time. Throughout the years, these classes have been filled with students. Have you ever wondered why theatre is still relevant in today’s age?

Today we have Nazlifashamin, known by the nickname Min, who has seen major growth in herself after completing her Diploma in Theatre at Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Min is here to tell us why theatre is still relevant today, as well as answer questions that many people often wonder about theatre.

When Min first started her course, confusion often ran through her head. Questions like “Will I only learn how to act?” popped up repeatedly. As Min went through more classes, she realized that she has learned a lot of things. She stated that she didn’t need to pursue wood-working classes or a diploma in fashion because both of those skills were learnt in her theatre course.

“The reason why theatre is still relevant is because we learn everything,” Min exclaimed.

Nazlifashamin (In the middle) performing Uda dan Dara

Photo by Unit Teknikal FMSP. (Fakulti Muzik dan Seni)

She also mentioned how there’s a saying for people majoring in theatre; it can humanize people. She admits that it is true even though there are struggles that all theatre students have to go through, such as long hours of practice for multiple shows happening around the same time.

“The best way to handle those struggles is by making sure that you have fun,” Min advised.