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Why Should We Reward Ourselves?

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With students, there is a constant need to keep working, or students will end up dissatisfied with whatever assignments they put out. Although students should fulfill their duties, they should also be able to feel satisfied and reward themselves for doing an honest day's work. With that being said, there are many ways you can reward yourself: like having a good meal, buying something that you like, or even sharing your achievements with the person you are closest to, but why should students reward themselves?

1. Keeping yourself motivated

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Have you ever felt lazy and needed some motivation to push yourself even harder? This is because as a student, you often need something to tune up your motivation to do something, and work hard for it. By rewarding yourself, you will feel more energetic, and that helps to create a strong will to accomplish difficult tasks given by your lecturer.

2. A form of affirmation

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A majority of students like to play games. When you win at a game, it will reward you with a badge, or a title to affirm that you have reached a certain level in the game. The same goes to your studies. Rewarding yourself is to affirm that you have accomplished difficult tasks, and that it is something you should be proud of.

3. Maximize your satisfaction

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Sometimes students nowadays may find it easier to get what they want. Therefore, putting effort into your work and obtaining a reward will increase your personal satisfaction, compared to when you acquire something for free. You will then cherish the reward that you received even more because it is a result of your hard work. Besides that, it will also help you take your work seriously, and not do it only for the sake of submitting it.

4. Developing a positive mindset

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In our society, employees can only get paid when they work. The same goes to you when you are working hard to get something. The habit of working to get what you want will help you to develop a positive mindset. Due to this habit, you will then start to work harder on your assignments to gain a better reward for yourself.

4. Remembering how hard and tough the progress was

Photo by Patrick Hodskins on Unsplash

When you receive your reward after completing a certain number of tasks, you will start to recall memories on how tough the journey was. Hence, you will feel proud of what you have accomplished, and remember the difficulties that you had to face, so that you can apply the same solution and mindset in the future.

As a student, you have many ways to reward yourself both mentally and physically. It is not necessary to spend a huge amount of money on your rewards, because not every student is in the same financial situation to do so. The most important thing after your journey is to remember to always be proud of yourself for putting in the work.

By: Wai Kit


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