Why Is Your Instagram Personality Not Who You Really Are?

Photo by Nuraisyah on Instagram

Instagram can be very influential to young adults in positive and negative ways, as it takes up most of our free time. You may find some people having two different personalities when comparing them in real life versus their online selves. This is mostly due to the online platform eliminating face-to-face communication, unlike real life interactions.

So, how does Instagram change one’s personality? Based on my findings via a poll on Instagram, a majority of respondents agreed that individuals raise their self-esteem by receiving compliments on their posts or Instagram stories. Some people may feel insecure about themselves before posting content, but would feel better when another person gives them a compliment. With this feel-good emotion in mind, some people would share an unrealistic altered photo of themselves just to receive more compliments and praise. Although this method does raise their confidence, it is ultimately not their ‘true selves’.

Meanwhile, a minor amount of respondents agreed that one’s confidence can be lowered by comparing themselves with other people on Instagram. Many people tend to compare themselves to famous ‘influencers’ and celebrities they idolize. However, that only makes them feel more pressured by their own expectations. Comparing themselves to others only makes their insecurities kick in, which could then cause them to question themselves on what they’re lacking appearance-wise.  The recurring question of “Why don’t I look like that?” or “Why don’t I have that?” will be repeatedly questioned on a daily basis. This may cause them to copy the fashion styles of people they look up to. Ultimately, they would turn themselves into someone completely different, instead of improving themselves to be better or trying to raise their own self-esteem.

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