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Why is Pro Gaming just as valid as a White-collar job?

Photo by Wong Jun Jie on Instagram

Ever thought of becoming a professional gamer for your future career? Nowadays, young people may wish to become professional gamers, because it’s almost like a dream job for them. And why wouldn’t they? The gaming world can give that sense of personal achievement and satisfaction that the physical world can’t. Going professional gives them a chance to join a team that shares the same passion and opens up different opportunities, while allowing them to have fun doing what they love!

Financially, entering the e-sports industry costs significantly less, in comparison to other sports. The equipment and training for physical sports is way more expensive compared to the equipment and training required for e-sports. You usually wouldn’t need anything extra as most households already have a computer setup or a laptop ready for you to start gaming. I mean, who doesn’t play games nowadays?

Photo by Wong Jun Jie on Instagram

And I know what you’re thinking- Isn’t gaming just a waste of time? No! Gaming definitely has its benefits, especially if you decide to go pro. First of all, if you do decide to be a professional gamer, you could potentially receive collegiate scholarships. There are a lot of colleges nowadays that feature E-Sports scholarship programs, due to the gaming industry going on the rise. This means less of a financial burden for your higher education! (Use this to persuade your parents to let you play games more *wink wink*). Not only that, gaming in itself helps develop a person’s communication and leadership skills. It also teaches skills that can only be learned outside of a classroom; such as teamwork and problem-solving skills. This especially applies for multiplayer games, since players will be playing with other people. In addition, the working hours for gamers are more flexible, in comparison to office jobs. Gamers can whenever they want, and usually from the comfort of their own homes. But for people working in white-collar jobs, there is a fixed working schedule that employees must adhere to.

Besides that, for white-collar jobs, gaining an opportunity to get a promotion in the company is as rare as hens’ teeth; incredibly scarce and difficult to find. Whereas for gamers, companies have begun to invest in them. By performing really well, gamers may also receive good salaries and bonuses. In fact, professional gaming has also been said to give prominent gamers up to a million a year (though this may not be common; however, the possibility remains). Not only do the gamers earn money from winning competitions, but they earn loads on the side with sponsorship deals. Not to mention, the industry attracts bigger companies as sponsors which means bigger bucks for the prize money.

Photo by Wong Jun Jie on Instagram

Therefore, becoming a professional gamer in the future can also be considered as a viable career option. There are a few professional gamers in Malaysia that have brought pride to the country from succeeding in competitions internationally. For instance, players like Mushi and MidOne; who achieved good results in different international competitions.

In support of the e-sports industry, the Youth and Sports ministry in Malaysia planned to invest in the gaming industry following their achievements. This shows how the gaming industry is slowly becoming more prominent, and therefore can be considered an actual job. Nowadays, college certificates aren’t the only thing that can define success.

In short, becoming a professional gamer may sound like a career that a lot of people would disagree with, or frown upon. However, after many years of development and establishing itself, the gaming industry is something that people shouldn’t underestimate- As it is an up-and-coming industry that is starting to leave its mark on the world, one professional gamer at a time.

By: Jun Jie


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