What Have You Given Today?

Photo by: Andronicus Gonsalverz

Andronicus Gonsalverz vividly remembers as a teenager meeting a group of people who had been living in houses made out of recycled items. Haunted by that memory, the 19-year-old has been spurred to volunteer for his community. To start, he volunteers two days a week to teach the unprivileged high school refugee students who cannot afford tuition at St. Joseph under the Educare program.

These students are international IGCSE students who are aged 13-15 years old. Andronicus says he has been successful in getting dozens of teenagers in getting proper tuition.

As Andronicus continues to serve the community’s youth, he has become an exemplary volunteer to many others. Moreover, he has made outstanding contributions in fostering mutual understanding and respect among people.

“I think it all started from church. My group of friends and I had always been interested in volunteering; thus, we associated ourselves with camps, and our teachers taught us a lot of things. It instilled ambition in our hearts; hence we took it as a challenge upon ourselves,” answers Andronicus to a question about what sparked an interest in him to volunteer. He obstinately believes that giving has no limits as generosity takes on many forms.