Understanding People with Depression

Photo by Adrian Swancar

Although it is a commonly discussed subject in this age, there is still an apparent stigma surrounding mental illness. With this subject, we often hear the word 'depression' thrown into the mix, but what is it? Do we truly know and understand it? Or do we understand the people who suffer from depression? There is an informative TED-ed video to help us better understand the symptoms, treatments of depression and how to help a friend who deals with it. In this article, we're focusing more on how we can better understand and help a loved one who is facing depression.

Depression is often misunderstood. It affects the daily lives of people, and it can be hard for them to function while they struggle with their pain. And, it tends to differ from person to person. Many youths have friends who suffer from depression. But, some of them may not truly understand what their friends go through. Because, at times, people with depression tend to isolate themselves, which can lead to misunderstandings, be it in friendships or relationships. Mental illness is invisible, and we cannot see the pain of others. An insightful video by Psych2Go gives us the rundown on the things that people with depression would like to share with others to understand. As mentioned before, the effects of depression are not clear-cut, what may work for some might not work for others. Hence, the video aims to help us better understand how to see from their standpoint.