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Too Much to Ask?

Many fresh graduates these days are known to face one similar problem; unemployment after graduating from university. Some say it’s due to the market salary range being too low, or because of limited positions offered for an interview, while others face a problem of being told that their wage demand is unrealistic.

Therefore, the infographic below delivers information related to the cost of living in Malaysia (2020), reasonable salary demand based on academic qualifications, factors of unemployment, and ways to boost employability.

To sum it all up, it is for a fact that the market’s average salary for a fresh graduate today is not up to par with the average cost of living in Malaysia based on the year 2020. One of the clear factors will be that employers in the industry think that the performance and impression left by the students during their first interview process have not achieved their benchmark. This is why it is important to always conduct research before applying to increase your chances of employability.

Photo by www_slon_pics from Pixabay

As an alternative solution, students can consider working in the blue-collar industry rather than all competing for limited positions in the white-collar industry. Keep an open mind to any opportunities that are offered out there. This is the field that offers numerous job opportunities and some even better income. All they have to do is ignore the stereotypical perspective of society towards blue-collar workers. It all comes down to two simple choices; do you want the title or the money it can offer?

Last but not least, the importance of this general knowledge will be a guideline for students on the aspect of financial and employment in the future. Know the market value and demand, take this as an opportunity to be one step ahead compared to others. This knowledge will allow students to have an earlier view and preparation to increase their attributes and qualifications before entering the working battlefield.

By: Fererro Chan


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