This Article is Cancelled

When you decide to post something on the internet, always watch what you post. Although the Internet is popular, it can be dangerous out there. You never know when your past words could come back and haunt you. In today’s day and age, Cancel Culture has become such a prominent force on the internet. Everything you say on the Internet in the past may be weaponized against you in the future, regardless of your initial intentions.

Photo by Jcomp on Freepik

So, what is Cancel Culture? By definition, it is the withdrawal of support towards a person or business that has done something offensive in the past. In theory, Cancel Culture is supposed to hold people or businesses accountable for their wrongdoings. However, recently, this is rarely the case.

Nowadays, people tend to be primarily involved in Cancel Culture when someone who has a reputation to uphold makes a mistake. This means that public figures, notable names, and celebrities are the ones who ‘netizens’ keep a close watch on. In many cases, past or current mistakes are brought up to receive extra attention, in addition to slandering the person’s reputation. Even when the person involved owns up and apologizes, some ‘netizens’ would still bring up the situation and use it as ammo, despite the fact that the lesson is learned and apology made. Ultimately, the person will then be unable to move on from their past, as the Internet neither forgives nor forgets the unfortunate mistake.

It may seem like a minor problem at first, but when you take a closer look at the situation at hand, you realize that its effects are quite severe. With the existence of Cancel Culture, someone’s life could be completely ruined just because of a tweet they made decades ago. Think long and hard about it: Is this justifiable? Should a person be known by the public only as the past person who made an offensive comment years ago without realizing the severity of their words? Or should we let them put it in their past, allow them to learn from their mistakes and be a better person in the future?