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The New NRML: Future Talents In Space Creatives

Updated: Dec 4, 2021

The New NRML, created by IACT College in 2020, sought to promote connectivity during the global pandemic through events and activities, such as interviews, talk shows, workshops, charity game streams, and more. Over the course of a year, The New NRML has hosted several successful events including the Pixel 8.0 Edisi Di Rumah, Fundtastic Day and Rise of Athena All-Female Valorant Tournament. This time, they're back at it with their next event, Space Creatives!

Image by: The New NRML Facebook Page

What is Space Creatives all about?

Space Creatives is a virtual event created by final-year Diploma in Mass Communication students of IACT College in an effort to develop the abilities of future generations in the creative communication industry. The idea behind Space Creatives is to demonstrate the innovation and thrill of the media industry. To gain more insight into Space Creatives, I spoke to Nur Adreanna Binti Azmi, the project manager of Space Creatives.

Space Creatives Main Poster

Who is the team behind Space Creatives?

As the project manager of Space Creatives, Adreanna was helped by Kavitha Supramaniam, the assistant project manager and Nur Elmyra Farhana Binti Mohd Fahmi the secretary of the project. The rest of the class was divided into six departments: Logistics, Public Relations, Sponsorship, Design, Digital Marketing and the Tech and Legal team. Each department has a specific role in ensuring the success of the event. When asked about the working environment behind the scenes, Adreanna describes it to be quite a rollercoaster.

“The working environment is simply a lot of communicating and liaising with one another, sharing feedback and assisting one another in pointing out various issues that might have not been noticed previously,” she explains.

As for the struggles and difficulties behind the scenes; Adreanna mentioned that despite being a hectic process, the biggest challenge was to adapt to changes.

“There will always be minor changes or additions to the plan that must be made, and you must deal with them all.” She says. “In the event of such incidents, you can’t always expect everything to go as planned. Instead, you must be able to adapt to these types of situations."

What is the main event platform for Space Creatives?

The main platform for the Space Creatives event is known as Gather Town. Gather Town is an upcoming application that will present a new way of gathering in virtual reality. The virtual event space is built around fully customizable spaces and centered upon the 8-bit concept, which evokes a retro aesthetic. Apart from the ability to customize your own characters, there are also features that enable you to interact with other event participants just like how you would do so in real life. Gather Town is accessible through a link given to participants who have registered for the event. You only need to log in with your email account to access Gather Town.

What is the event schedule for Space Creatives?

The Space Creative event will be taking place on the 3rd of December from 9 am to 6 pm. The event will be split into two sessions: The morning session and the afternoon session. The morning session (10 am to 12 pm) will feature talks from guest speakers Shermaine Wong and Ivory Xian Z. The afternoon session (1 pm to 6 pm) will feature a typography exhibition, a print journalism exhibition and a portfolio showcase by the students of IACT college. There will also be trivia games in between these exhibitions in which participants can partake in and win prizes from the event sponsors.

Another key highlight is the games building, known as the arcade building where participants can come in anytime to play games and chill with the other participants. All you need to partake in the event is a reliable laptop with a reliable Wi-Fi connection.

Image by: The New NRML Instagram page

From left to right: Speakers Shermaine Wong and Ivor Xian Z Image by The New NRML Instagram page

When asked about what she personally felt about the event as the team behind Space Creatives, Adreanna said that she thinks this event is really interesting especially for those wanting to venture into the creative communication industry.

“It’s all about spending time together as creatives,” she says.

She also hopes that participants will have a rewarding time by unwinding and building relations with fellow creatives through this event. As for what she wants the participants to take away from the event, Adreanna hopes that people acknowledge the talents of youths.

“Moving forward in the creative communication industry, I hope that people in the industry will always provide a space for the youths and realize that we can make huge contributions to the industry.”

Participants can register for the Space Creatives event by clicking on the link right here. According to Adreanna, registration is only needed for the speaker sessions whereas no registration is needed for the exhibitions. For those willing to find out more about the Space Creatives event, do feel free to check out their Facebook and Instagram pages for more information.

By: Natasha Ann Miranda


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