The Art of Journaling

Photo by Renáta-Adrienn

According to Collins Dictionary, journaling is the act of keeping a journal or diary, especially in order to express an individual’s thoughts and feelings surrounding certain events of one’s life. As the pandemic continues to keep us all locked up at home, it is no surprise that most people would start to get bored and want to find new hobbies to pick up. Journaling not only helps fill up free time, it also comes with various benefits.

Let’s start off by talking about how journaling can benefit an individual. First of all, journaling is greatly helpful when it comes to improving your mental health. According to University of Rochester’s Medical Center, journaling is one of the healthiest ways you can express yourself, as it helps with managing stress and anxiety. You can use journaling as a way to track your moods and symptoms on a day-to-day basis so you can recognise your own triggers as well as learn to better themselves during the process. Journaling also provides an opportunity for positive self-talk as well as a chance to identify negative thoughts and behaviors.

Moving on, journaling is also an excellent way to keep yourself organized as you keep track of things that you need to do. Keeping yourself organised is definitely important as it helps you increase your productivity level. This is because you are able to save time looking for things, which means you have extra time to work on the important tasks instead. By keeping yourself organised, you are also able to ensure that deadlines are always met. By jotting down your to-do list in your journal, it will be hard for you to forget any tasks as the chances of you getting sidetracked with less important tasks will decrease. Ensuring that deadlines will be met also means that you will always be on time and do things in a more time e