The 11 Year Journey

18-year-old Carlson Tan has been playing the piano for over 10 years, as of now. Currently, he has a grade 8 merit certificate on the ABRSM syllabus. He started his piano journey at the young age of 5, and completed his ‘journey’ when he was in Form 4 in Secondary School. At first, he was interested in the electone; but over time, he started taking piano classes. That was where it all started.

The Journey

The average time that he spends practicing the piano is about an hour and a half. The sheet music he uses are usually sourced online, except those required for exams, which is the ABRSM books. As their syllabus usually comes from overseas, most of his money spent went into buying the books instead. Naturally, as his piano grade got higher, the cost of the books also increased.

Difficulties faced throughout the journey

Carlson commented that he feels that the piano is “limited”, and that there is too little variance between the songs. To him, the bass guitar is better in that sense, as it can be played in a variety of ways, in different genres of music, and is a nice addition to his piano. Carlson stated that he feels really fortunate that everyone around him has been very supportive of his musical journey, especially his parents. One of his wishes is to perform on stage alone, and to use his knowledge of music to write piano music for other genres, rather than focusing on pure classical music.

He participated in National level competition

which representing central area (KL and Selangor).

Photo by Carlson Tan on Instagram

Changes in Life