Struggling to Grow Up

Photo by Warren Wong on Unsplash

Throughout our childhood, people often say that we will understand what is going on when we are an adult and we were taught that we become an adult once we turn 18 years old. I mean, only adults can learn to drive legally. We know that entering adulthood is when we become more mature, independent and have a sense of responsibility. Still, when we do the complete opposite, such as saying childish things or acting immature, people tell us: “You’re an adult already, act like one,”. Why is it sometimes so hard for us to act like adults when society tells us we’re adults, it is like we have grown up but have we fully grown up? Thankfully neuroscience researchers and scientists may have the answers on how fast the brain matures, meaning how long it will take for us to fully become an “adult”. Talking about brain maturation can be confusing to some, but we will be breaking it down for you.

The brain doesn’t fully mature at 18

Even though society tells us that we are adults once we turn 18 years old, neuroscience research hints that it may be time for us to rethink when we actually become “adults”.