Stop Being So Childish!

"Grow up!", we often hear this phrase get thrown out a lot when a person's mannerisms or behaviour do not match their age. But what really solidifies as acting your age or even not acting childish? As blooming youths, we have our fair share of traumatic experiences and unpredictable mishaps through our childhood and "the awkward years" aka adolescence. Yet we still find it difficult to really understand ourselves and improve as a person due to our fixation on short-term fixes such as our obsession towards temporary self-help information or bombarding oneself with mindless entertainment in the hopes of taping our problems.

You might be asking "What should I do then, enlighten myself with every single religion known to mankind or just reject humanity all together ?" Hold your horses, partner. Yes, the answer is within yourself but most notably𑁋your inner child.

Photo by Jessica Rockowitz

According to an article on harleytherapy, an inner child represents the child we were, in both good and bad ways. Still dormant within us are both our unmet needs and repressed childhood feelings, as well as, childlike i