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Staying Connected From Afar

With the Coronavirus getting its name everywhere and many countries experiencing a second or even third wave, times are rough. Many of us have not been able to see our loved ones, be it friends or family. However, just because we might not be able to see them physically, that doesn't mean that we can't spend time with them. There are many alternatives available out there for you to enjoy some quality time with your loved ones!


Firstly, I will be talking about video games. While many are fans of going over to their friend's or family's place and playing a few rounds of their favourite game, you can replicate the same thing online. You can even play together more often as you can both play from your own homes. According to an article on, it proves that video games are very stimulating to the brain, reaching almost all the regions of the brain. Due to how intricate video games can be, it actually helps you gain skills like analyzing quickly, strategizing and learning how to deal with stress. How's that sound for a way to burn time while having fun?

Photo by Kari Shea

Secondly, let's talk about exercise! You may be thinking to yourself that there isn't a lot of equipment available at home. However, being at home may actually benefit you in this case. When you go to a gym, it takes time and planning from your day, and it will likely require a paid subscription to use one. But when you exercise at home, there are plenty of exercises that can be done without any tools whatsoever. And suppose you feel more comfortable working out with a partner. In that case, you can rope in a friend of a family member by becoming workout buddies. This way, you can remind each other of goals as a way to keep both parties accountable. According to Everyone Active, having a fitness partner not only keeps you motivated, but it helps with sticking to a routine, trying something new and adds in friendly competition, to name a few.

An article on Walden University states that exercising has a slew of mental health benefits, one of which is helping with depression and anxiety. This is because physical activity increases endorphin levels, aka the chemical for happiness. Even the occasional exercise here and there could improve your mental health! By having a workout buddy, we have someone to do something with, which means it'll be more fun and comfortable to commit.

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Lastly, we can watch movies with our loved ones online! While it may not be exactly the same, you won't be spending money on overpriced popcorn, at least. You can watch movies on streaming services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime or HBO Go and you won't have to queue in line for one either. You may be surprised to know that watching movies could actually be beneficial to our mental health. For example, based on an article on psychcentral, movies encourage you to release those bottled-up emotions, which is incredibly cathartic.

Times are tough, but these alternatives to pre-Covid activities will help all of you go through them a little easier. Hopefully, you'll get to have brighter, better days with the knowledge you just gained!

By Andrea Adam


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