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Standing On Your Own

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It's a lucky thing to have parents who are financially stable and willing to bail you out of life's little emergencies. When you reach the age to get a driver's license and your parents already bought you a car as your future transport. When stepping into society, did your parents also prepare a job close to home for you? For many parents, that includes paying some, or all, of their child’s bills well into adulthood.

This also causes children to spend their money with no limit. Therefore, a successful budget begins with a thorough examination of your spending and income, as well as how to make your expenditure fit within your income. You should start by evaluating how much you spend in a typical month using bank account and credit card data, then comparing that to how much you actually earn home. If you find that you're taking home less money than you're spending, look over your expenditure records to see where you may make cuts.

This procedure is designed to be difficult, and it may require you to cut some things you don't want to cut. This is due to the fact that you are living much beyond your means. Figuring out how to live within your means is an important component of achieving financial independence. That is not always easy to accept, and it may necessitate some drastic lifestyle changes. You are not ready to be an independent adult if you are unwilling to make those changes.

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If you're trying to stand on your own. You need a grasp on your own values and expectations

that can guide yourself now, and carry a good mindset into adult life. Decide what’s

important to your family and how you’ll share those expectations and values with your

parents to let them know you’re planning what’s for the next step of your future. Stop relying on your parents and make the decision for you.

This is also if you aren't already bringing in enough money to achieve financial independence, you should begin looking for ways to increase your income. Getting a second part-time job or starting a “side gig” is one of the most efficient ways to do this. Part-time work is virtually always available, no matter where you are. Finding them may take some effort, but they are out there. It might not be what you expected or desired at first.

The most important element in every asian parent, according to Confucius, is to show respect to the old. The elderly included not only grandparents, but also parents, aunts, uncles, and teachers — in other words, any older relatives or acquaintances. To show respect for the elderly, one should obey them in all matters and accept their advice. Have you ever heard your aunties give their comments on your study or even your relationship?

This also causes Youth to easily get influenced by their parents or the comments of the elder. For example, when choosing college or course parents should have their opinion but the final decision should be based on children themself. As a result, you should start to believe your inner voice. Bring an umbrella if you feel compelled to do so, even if the weather forecast suggests otherwise. And also, explore the world, meet new people, and have your perspective shifted.

Most parents would be satisfied if you completed the previous two steps and showed them that you are capable of making your own decisions. If your parents are still having trouble adjusting to your newfound freedom, it's time to have a serious chat and set some ground rules.

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Outside of what your parents say, it's time to conduct some soul-searching and decide what you want for your life in terms of profession and relationships. It may feel like Youth trying to push their parents away, but it's actually trying to push themselves away from parents to choose a direction in life and to shape an identity for themselves as a separate, independent person. Setting your own work and life goals can also assist you in standing firm in your partner selection. While this phase may take some time to accomplish, it is well worth the effort to develop your unique identity.

Some parents find it difficult to adjust to the rigors of raising a kid through adolescence. It's a time when even the most steadfast and loving relationships are put to the test. You should

require parental care at this time in the same manner that they have always required care, but in a different fashion.

Actually, children are looking to parents for support through one of the biggest changes in their life, towards adulthood and independence. Don’t be afraid to share some of your own

experiences with your parents. Tell them that you understand because growing is hard. It will happen to you soon if parents don't realize their hands are tightening hard on children. Talk to them about how you handled it (or didn’t handle it) and what you learned from it.

There’s no doubt that the teenage years will probably cause you to have much fun and no

commitment during the period. It won't be easy, but the benefits to Youth engage to begin as an Adult. It's a great start of independence for you, and, unexpectedly, it's also giving your parents freedom after you have the financial freedom to take good care of yourself.

Written by Victoria Wong Kah Yee


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