Spot the Difference: Ad or Korean Drama? (Part 1)

The atmosphere was heavy. The harsh wind was just as unforgiving, with debris and sand swirling in the air like they were in a tango. But the two warriors standing 10 metres apart from each other did not falter. Their eyes were locked on each other, ready to pounce like a tiger hunting its prey. They knew they had to fight. It was the only way.


Synchronised, both warriors slowly reached down to unsheathe their swords for they know that only one will leave this place alive. Just as they were about to leap and engage in the most dramatic swordplay anyone has ever seen, a kid emerges from the shadows. The protagonists stopped in their tracks, bewildered. The kid opened his satchel and pulled out two Subway sandwiches, offering it as a peace treaty. The warriors looked at each other, smiled, and took the sandwiches. The scene ends with everyone eating a Subway sandwich.

Well, didn’t that come out of the blue and put a lid on all the excitement that was bubbling? If you are familiar with K-dramas, short for Korean dramas, that should jog your memory.

The reason behind the endless product placements