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She rocks!

To all the girls out there,

Growing up as a girl I’m pretty sure you have heard people telling you “No! You can’t do this! You’re a girl!” or “Don’t do this! You’re a girl!” Am I right? But, why can’t we do what we want? It’s been way too long women being told what we should do or how we should behave. The good thing is, it’s 2022! The time where women have more freedom throughout the time as we fought for it.

Today we are going to talk about some inspiring women who rock the world.

Many people know motorsport as a man dominating sport and in today’s time we are glad to see more women being involved in this particular industry. This brings us to the W Series, a motorsport championship that was launched back in October 2018. W Series believes in providing equal opportunities for women and eliminates the economic limitations which have traditionally prevented them from progressing to the top echelons of motorsport.

Jamie Chadwick winning the W Series 2021


Meet Jamie Chadwick (A British W Series driver), a two times W Series champion. Jamie won her championship in 2019 and came back as the defending W Series champion in 2021. With hardwork and effort, Jamie successfully secured her second championship title. We can see that women can be just as good as men in motorsport if we were given the chance to compete. I would say Jamie is the perfect example to the younger girls if they ever want to be a racer. Is really great to see the progress women have made throughout the year, breaking stigma and continuing shining in motorsport. So, go get it girls!

Other than motorsport what other sport that people see as ‘only man’s sport’? Yes, that’s right! Is Mix Martial Art (MMA). People normally view MMA as a sport which only men are good at and saying women could not fight as well as men. Well I don’t think that’s true. Trust me, women can be as badass as a man. This particular female MMA fighter has quite a name in the industry because she is actually performing so well in the fight! She is Zhang Weili, an Asian girl shining brightly on the world stage of Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC).

Zhang first won her first Strawweight Championship 2019 and she was also the first ever Chinese champion in UFC history. Isn’t that amazing? Little do you know, she actually faced setbacks and rough times too. Zhang was defeated by Rose Namajunas (An American MMA fighter) in the same category in the 2021 and lost her champion title. But the most inspiring part of Zhang was the spirit of never giving up. Even though she got defeated, she still chose to rise back up again and take on the other challenges. Zhang reflected on herself after the loss in 2021 and was constantly working on herself to improve her performance and also her mentality.

Zhang on the left and Rose on the right


The stories of these empowering women did not happen overnight, they sometimes face difficulties too. So, to all the women who are grinding out there, give yourself a pat on the shoulder because you are doing great! You look absolutely stunning trying to reach your dreams girl! Continue breaking the social stigmas and stereotyping of women because women do have the ability to achieve greater things. Remember to always believe in yourself and one day you will be exactly where you want to be.


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