Relationships among the youth are quite common nowadays. We are able to see couples everywhere we go, even more so on the internet as we are in the middle of a global pandemic. As much as the internet portrays the idea of long-lasting couples, do you know that many actions and movements that couples do on a daily basis are actually considered a ‘red flag’?

What are red flags? Red flags are defined as a warning of danger. But red flags in a relationship? They are actions or movements of partners who show absence of respect, decency or interest towards the whole ongoing relationship. Ignoring these actions will end up heavily affecting your mental health. It is also a warning that it is best to not continue the relationship if any of these actions repeat constantly.

Photo by Kate Kozyrka

Most couples would think communicating daily and texting each other back and forth is a normal thing in relationships. It is actually not. Constantly texting and communicating with your partner can be unhealthy for relationships. It violates each other’s privacy as well as your own space and time. This can easily lead to overattachment.

Everyone has boundaries. Even between couples, boundaries are one of the key points to stable relationships. Setting up healthy boundaries between two partners will let them feel more relaxed and let them respect each other more. Unknowingly stepping on each other's boundaries might lead to unnecessary distress,big red flags like not respecting your partner’s decisions or insisting on something they do not want to