Recognising Your Attachment Style

Picture from Wallpaper Flare

Relationships are an inherent part of human nature. A strong awareness regarding the different attachment styles will allow us to connect better with ourselves and others. Think of relationships like the limbs of your body and the types of attachment styles as ligaments connected to them. Our limbs, much like our relationships, are unable to function without some form of attachment.

For this subject, I speak with Arman Rashid and Kristy Choy. They are counsellors in training and working with Humankind Community Counseling. They were more than happy to share their experiences, insights, and the importance of recognising one's attachment style.

Before we dive further into the topic, what is attachment? According to Arman, he explained that attachment is between two people who share a bond. "However, attachment styles refer to different ways of interacting and behaving in relationships", he says. He also explained that during early childhood, it is how children and parents interact. During adulthood, it is a pattern of attachment in romantic relationships. Arman also shared that most people are still looking for these attachments in their day-to-day lives, and there are different attachment styles tha