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Progress as a Female Fighter

At the age of 8, Ho Hwee Chyun got involved in a sport that soon changed her life, Taekwondo. Today, at the age of 22, she is a Taekwondo athlete and has reached the “Black belt 3 Dan” level in Taekwondo. Over the years, she has won countless medals. Chyun shared her own experience on how she entered and persevered through a male-dominated sport.

Photo by Chyun on Instagram

At first, she was forced to learn Taekwondo as her mother wanted her to accompany her little brother in learning the sport. In the first five years of learning Taekwondo, she had no interest in the sport, but eventually, at the age of 14, she fell in love with K-pop and Korean culture which largely influenced her passion. Taekwondo then became a turning point for her to express her love for the Korean culture. She started to take the sport more seriously because she felt that if she worked hard enough, she would have the chance to go to Korea as an exchange student.

Chyun said, “The most important thing about Taekwondo, is that your body needs to be flexible.” She also mentioned being very concerned about not training well when she was younger. This became a huge challenge for her, but she loved Taekwondo so much that she forced herself to strive forward which led her to learn how to do a leg split in a month.

She also mentioned feeling lonely, because she had no one to talk to during training, as her brother started to lose interest in Taekwondo. Her brother then stopped attending training later on, which made almost give up at one point. However, her idea of ​​giving up was dismissed by her coach, as he persuaded her and guided her back to the right path.

Photo by Chyun on Instagram

After many setbacks, Chyun is grateful for her mother sending her to Taekwondo classes as she has learned so many principles that she employs in her daily life. “Taekwondo has changed my life. I take the principles of Taekwondo as the principles of life; politeness, integrity, perseverance, self-control, and tenacity. Taekwondo has completely changed my values and has taught me to be loyal, humble, and grateful. The most important thing that Taekwondo has taught me is that there are no shortcuts for success, you will need to work hard to achieve your dream.”

Besides that, she stated that Taekwondo is a perfect channel for her to release stress. “I look forward to every Thursday as I have Taekwondo training. As an accountant, my brain is full of numbers, money, and pressure but through training, I am able to unwind and also take a break from reality.”

As we learn so much about Chyun’s journey, she advices everyone to not easily give up and to chase your dreams. “Do whatever you want, chase your dream. Don't care about what other people think and say. You are in control of your life, don't let anything get into your way of success.”

By: Fwu Ken


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