Pharmacy and Essential Items in My Bag

Everyone has that one tiny purse in their bag that they carry with them wherever they go. Some call it a make-up bag, while others call it a purse. Well, I call it an Essentials and Pharmaceutical Items bag.

Your bag might be overflowing with items and we have this constant battle on what we should have in our bag. But worry not, I’m here to tell you what essential pharmaceutical items you should carry in your bag.

Hand Sanitizer and Hand Cream

Photo by Rayson Tan on Unsplash

Pandemic or not, I’d suggest everyone cultivate the habit of carrying a hand sanitizer in their bag. We’re constantly touching things and picking up stuff. We can’t see germs with our naked eyes. But if we could, we would sanitize our hand every 2 seconds.

Hand cream is also a good product to protect your hands from the harmful UV rays of the Sun. Note that your hand ages faster than your face. Some people tend to forget that the skin is the largest organ, and it is the first protective barrier your body has against the elements.

Hand cream is a great way to protect your hands from all the washing and being exposed to the air conditioners. This keeps your hands hydrated and improves the texture of your skin.

Comb, hair tie, and perfume

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