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Overcoming the Fear of Failure

Photo by Tim Gouw on Unsplash

Success is never guaranteed. As humans, everyone fails and it is only natural. We need to always remember that one failure does not define the rest of our lives. There are no shortcuts to success in life. If we undergo failure, all we need to do is improve ourselves and keep moving forward because life cannot simply be stopped at a point. Often, we may think that our previous defeats and failures will hinder us from improving and we may also view failure as if it is a monster. But in all this, we do not realise that fear is the barrier that keeps us from moving forward, mainly among youths who have yet to experience much in life. The impacts of the fear of failure and the ways to challenge and overcome the fear are definitely topics worth discussing so that we do not lose capable future leaders who have unlimited possibilities, just like you.

The word failure can play such a big role in our lives to the point where it causes us to make unwanted decisions. When one fails to cope with the pressure to succeed and feels as though there is no way out, they may become distressed. This leads to the inability to move on from the past as fear floods their mind and constantly puts them down. On the other hand, some do take the initiative to conquer their fears when met with obstacles. Many of us, however, may struggle with accepting and taking inspiration from our failures as well as avoiding picking up bad habits to cope with failure.

So, how do people fall victim to the fear of failure?

This happens because they may have failed at something which they had high hopes for, and unfortunately felt let down by the outcome. However, that is merely how the seeds of fear are sowed. Through these failed experiences, there will only be growing doubts within themselves, leading to shadows of fear lurking in their minds when they aim towards something new. Oprah Winfrey once said that there is no such thing as failure and that failure is just life trying to move us in a different direction. If you are afraid of failure, it can keep you from achieving what you desire.

Besides that, life is all about experience; the more experience you have the more strength you gain, and the more you will grow in maturity. However, many of us are still young and inexperienced individuals. This lack of wisdom and experiences may lead to unexpected defeat too, amplifying the fear of failure. Of course, fears and stress do affect us and get to our heads. One common example where we see this taking place is when we tend to get demotivated from the things we do and start showing less interest in what was once our passions, withdrawing ourselves from everything.

Inferiority complex is another instance of the impact of fear of failure on us, as losing self-confidence can end up prompting one to continual failures. This creates a vicious cycle where we become more insecure and prone to comparing ourselves to the people around us. The fear of failure also sets people back because the lack of confidence and self-motivation holds us back from expressing who we truly are. For the most part, the lack of confidence and faith in our abilities could bring us to a spiralling well of doubt and leave us with no choice but to give up in confusion.

What are the ways to successfully overcome the fear of failure?

Well, everything starts with one’s mindset. So, think positively and focus on success itself. Start believing in yourself and turn away from negative thoughts to nurture faith in your ideas. Maintaining a confident approach can also help in overcoming the circumstances. Practice self-confidence and see the changes. It widens your perspective and builds trust in yourself. Finally, determination. To achieve your goal, you should keep moving forward with your undefeated willpower and powerful vitality. No matter how hard it is, be determined on what you want in life and focus on how to work towards your destination. Imagine yourself as a sprinter about to run a race eyeing the finish line.

Life is all about learning new things and that includes learning from our failures. With every defeat, we improve and move towards victory. In this world, nobody is born successful. It is always trial and error. Everyone fails and learns from their failures. At the end of the day, we should never give up because of our fears nor from being hindered by them. As quoted by Robert Tew, “The struggle you're in today is developing the strength you need for tomorrow.”

By Dylann Shaanjey


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