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Must-Watch Inspiring Tamil Movies

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Throughout the lockdown, we have been finding ways to keep ourselves occupied at home. One of the ways that you can keep yourself entertained is by watching and discovering new movies. Here are some inspiring Tamil hit movies that you should check out!

Soorarai Pottru

Image from IMDb

First of all, Soorarai Pottru. This film features actor Suriya who plays the main character, Nedumaaran Rajangam. According to IMDb, this was inspired by the book Simply Fly which is based on a true story. This movie is about Nedumaaran, an air force pilot who quits his job to start a low-cost airline. His mission is to make airline tickets as cheap as ₹1 (1 Indian Rupee) so that everyone can afford to fly.

There is a sad past behind his dream. Back when Nedumaaran was an airforce pilot, he received a call from his mother and heard that his dad was on his deathbed. He tried booking a flight ticket to visit his dad in the village but he realised he did not have enough money for a flight ticket. He begged everyone in the airport to lend him money while explaining his circumstance but no one trusted him. The security guards then chased him out of the airport, causing him to miss the flight. When he finally managed to raise enough money for a ticket to fly home, he flew home only to find his dad deceased. Nedumaaran's mother cried loudly, telling him that his father was waiting for him until his last breath. He was heartbroken and he explained his situation to his mother. That was the moment he decided to start a low-cost airline where everyone can fly at any time for just ₹1.

As time passes, he falls in love with a girl who is a baker, then marries her. She gives him moral support as he was working hard to achieve his dream. Nedumaraan meets the owner of one of the biggest airline companies whom he admired. He told the airline owner about his dreams but was humiliated. Later on, Nedumaaran realized that this airline owner’s goal was only to gain profit unethically. Nedumaaran challenged him and worked hard to launch his low-cost airline but faced failures on the way. After numerous struggles, he finally launched his dream airline with the help of his village's people. However, his dream was shattered again when his enemy interfered.

Yet, he did not give up and launched his airline once again. Unfortunately, an aeroplane was forced to crash land due to a lack of fuel and everyone was injured including the pilot and the passengers, which led to negative media coverage. The people lost trust in his low-cost airline and he felt so broken. But still, he bounced back again to achieve his dream. In the end, he put all his money and launched the low-cost airline. This time around, he gained the public's trust and all the tickets were sold. The most emotional part is when the poor and elderly were on the plane. They mentioned that it was their first time they had flown on a plane. They expressed their happiness to Nedumaaran and blessed him. Nedumaaran was so emotional and he cried tears of joy. The movie ends heartwarmingly, raising goosebumps. Nedumaaran’s determination as shown in the movie is admirable. Despite those hard times, he was persistent in achieving his visions.

No matter the failures and struggles we face, we can accomplish our goals through unwavering perseverance. Hard work always pays off.

Miss India

Image from IMDb

Miss India is another must-watch film, starring Keerthy Suresh who won the National Film Award for Best Actress as the lead actress. This movie is dedicated to all women who work hard towards their goals. Miss India tells the story of a girl named Manasa Samyuktha from a middle-class family who is an ambitious person. She has aspired to start a business ever since she was young. However, her parents never took her seriously as they assumed that she will change her mind once she grows up. Nevertheless, she was determined to achieve her goal, hoping to start her own business once she graduates. Her family members did not approve of her dream because she is a woman and running a business does not suit her.

As time passed, her brother received a transfer letter from America, and so her family decided to move there. Manasa on the other hand did not wish to leave her home country but she had no choice. As she settled in America, she realized that Americans love coffee. Manasa however loves tea because her grandfather always made her delicious tea. So, she thought of starting a tea business, but her parents were not supportive of her plans. Hence, she left home and started living alone.

She opened a tea stall with the brand name “Miss India” but the locals were not interested. Not even one person bought tea from her. She was sad but she did not give up. She then met the owner of a coffee company and collaborated with him to sell tea but he threatened her, saying that his coffee will always come first. Manasa was not threatened by him, vowing that one day she will become a successful woman and her tea will be popular.

Manasa thought of organising a tea festival and invited many people to join the festival to try her tea for free. Thankfully, Manasa gained huge support from the audience and everyone loved her tea. The tea packets were sold and everyone praised her. As time passed, her brand grew bigger and her tea became famous. She was so happy and proud of herself for achieving her goals. The movie ends with flashbacks of Manasa’s past experiences of sexism and failures.

This is an inspiring movie about how women can accomplish and shine like a star in life regardless of the criticism and discrimination faced.


Image from IMDb

Pattas is a story about Sakthi, a young man who was separated from his mother when he was a child. He was raised by a poor man in a slum and he became a petty thief.

One day when he was trying to steal a lady's handbag, he saw a picture from his childhood inside her bag and found out that she was his mother. When he went to confront her, his mother explained his past and his father's death to him. His father, Dhiraviyaperumal, was a warrior in the traditional martial arts known as Adhimurai. Dhiraviyaperumal was dedicated to making martial arts famous. Yet, he was killed by a kickboxer who only wanted kickboxing to be known.

Upon hearing the story behind his father's death, he felt devastated. So, he picked up martial arts and took part in a competition in which the son of the man who killed his father also participated. In spite of his pain and suffering, he won the competition and made his mother proud.

These are some inspiring Tamil movies you must check out. If you are a fan of Tamil films or have not seen one before, these movies are highly recommended. Some may think that watching movies is simply for entertainment, but the truth is when we watch a movie, we can connect ourselves to it and gain knowledge from it. The reason being, the directors of these films include lessons for the viewers to learn. Thus, every movie has its message waiting for us to find out.

By Revathi Gunalan


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