Morning Person or Night Owl, Which Is Better?

Photo by @alexagorn

Like a good number of people, I tend to wake up hours after the sun rises because staying up late requires a nap (or two) the following day and there's a reason for that. Our sleep schedules are not boiled down to merely personal preferences if you ask me, but rather our natural tendencies. Research suggests that it does not only affect us when we go to bed but also our physical and mental wellbeing.

People who prefer waking up early in the morning feel the most energetic during the day. Whereas, night owls sleep later into the day. Some even go on until after the sun has set. According to Daniel Kripke's sleep research, the difference between the two, dominant sleep patterns goes beyond a person's preferred bedtime. And it even surpasses the 'clock' inside you that monitors bodily functions like body temperature, metabolism and brain activity, to name a few. Kristen Knutson, a sleep researcher, mentions the time of the day where your mind is at peak performance depends on whether you are a morning person or a night owl.