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Money Money Money…But How?

Nowadays, college students do not have a lot of spare time to earn money. Although many students still get their monthly allowances from their parents, earning some extra bucks on the side wouldn’t hurt, right? So, how can students earn extra pocket money? Fortunately, there are a few ways students can earn money in the community while keeping up to their busy schedules.

Photo by Scott Graham on Unsplash

Becoming a tutor or an online tutor could be the way to go. It may sound a little intimidating at first, but becoming a tutor can actually be a fun experience. Reason being, if you were to become a tutor, you would teach a subject that you’re already strong in. Personal tutors are also able to charge more in comparison to other part-time jobs. Therefore, earning a satisfying amount of money from the knowledge you already have seems like a pretty good deal. There are plenty of ways for you to find people to tutor. You can help to tutor your neighbours’ kids and earn some money from there, but for those who don’t have extra time, you can even tutor people online.

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Another alternative would be to sell off your preloved items online. Selling your preloved items that you no longer use, might potentially make you some good money. For instance, people are always looking for new styles and fashion items. Many college students nowadays also enjoy thrift shopping. There are plenty of online apps such as “Carousell” and “eBay”, which allows you to sell your second-hand items. You’ll just need to set up an account, post a few photos of your items and wait for customers to contact you. As they say, one’s man trash is another man’s treasure.

Photo by Glenn Carstens-Peters on Unsplash

Freelancing can also be a way for you to earn extra money. In my opinion, this is one of the best methods for making extra money. Nowadays, many companies out there are sourcing freelancers to work for them on projects instead of hiring full timers. Not only will you be able to earn a larger amount of money, but you can add the experience into your resume or portfolio. Therefore, you can consider this to be a win-win situation. Some freelancing jobs that people can look into are copywriting, logo designing, or even voice acting.

To sum it all up, being a student is difficult and it costs a lot of money. From what we all know in today’s society, it’s hard to enjoy life when you’re too busy paying off your student loans. However, with some hard work and some sacrifices of your free time, you will be able to start earning some side income of your own while dealing with a busy college schedule.

By: Melvin Toh


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