"Meraki" Of Health

Have you ever felt anxious that you might get sick during a big school project? A variety of everyday home products and methods can be used as another alternative to cure a person quickly, or even prevent you from being affected by common ailments. With that being said, what can you do when you’re not feeling well?


1. Drink Water

The most crucial part of treating a fever is by drinking lots of water. A fever can cause the water content in our body to decrease which may lead to dehydration. Some of the options to fix this problem is by drinking more water or healthy fruit juices.

2. Good Rest

Get plenty of good rest. It’s best to sit back, relax and spend your day resting in bed. Clear your mind of anything that bothers you and take a day off. For busy people, this may also be a good reason for you to get that much needed R&R.

Photo by Dominic Sansotta on Unsplash

3. Stay Cool

Lastly, stay cool. Wear the most comfortable clothes you can find. Look for a comfortable spot in your house, turn on the AC, and keep the room chilly. Feel free to snuggle up with some blankets, and make yourself cozy.

Photo by Rex Pickar