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Long Car Lifespan? Here Are The Things You Need To Know.

Photo by Raymond Leong on Instagram

Driving a car is something that most people will experience once they grow up. Many around the age of 17-28 have already gotten a license and started driving. Driving safely on the road is definitely our biggest responsibility, but as a responsible driver, it is necessary for us to take good care of our cars as well. Here are some simple car maintenance tips to keep your car in good shape and prolong its lifespan.


Cover your car with a shade: Prevents your car’s paint from being exposed to the sunlight which could reduce the lifespan of the car.

Photo by Raymond Leong on Instagram


Pull the handbrake: You don’t want your car rolling away especially when you’ve parked on a slope. Another tip is to pull the handbrake before shifting gears to P. This avoids leaving the weight of your car to the pawl and damaging it.

Straighten the wheels: Failing to do so will damage the alignment, as the car weight adds on extra pressure unto it.

Switch off A/C button: The button is powered by the engine. Without switching it off, you are overworking the engine when you start up your car the next time.


Avoid eating in the car: Your car is not a restaurant for you to eat or drink. You do not want ‘visitors’ (pests like ants and cockroaches) coming into your car while its outside.

Checking engine oil: Check it once a month as the engine runs on lubricant. Therefore, make sure the amount is always sufficient.

Checking radiator: The water level in the radiator is very important as it controls the car’s temperature. When a car overheats, the car will automatically stop and you obviously don’t want that to happen. That is, if its overheated, but the same goes for a cold engine. Your car won’t be able to function well in this condition. Warming up the engine before driving is also very important as it gives your engine a long-lasting lifespan.

A car could bring you anywhere, therefore it is your duty to take good care of it. Just like your loved ones, so that you can travel a long journey with a longer car lifespan. Believe it or not, the better you treat your car, the better it serves for you.

By: Raymond Leong


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