Life or Money, which one matters most?

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Congratulations, you graduated! You’ve leveled up!

Welcome to your ultimate destination, also your next dimension: the WORKING world! It’s the beginning of you stepping into your "real world" journey. Your life is no longer being controlled and the most important thing now is for you to take care of yourself and be independent.

Insurance, a topic that most young adults are unaware of or seldom talk about. Some don’t even realise how insurance can affect our lives for the better.

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If you didn’t know, insurance is an essential protection tool that ensures your financial security if something bad were to happen. It provides compensation for a person if they end up being involved in an unfortunate event. In many ways, insurance can ease your financial burden, especially for your loved ones!

Some of us might have thought of buying insurance but is unsure of how the procedure would work. The first thing that rings to your mind is “How do I get insurance in the first place?”. For starters, you can approach an insurance agent which you can access from the official website of an insurance company or from an acquaintance. The insurance company will then assess your risks before providing you with a selection of policies to apply for. These policies will have several terms on what can be insured and what cannot.

For example, if you were to buy a health insurance for yourself, it does not mean that all illnesses you experienced can be covered by the company. Conditions or sicknesses you experience prior before applying for the policy might not be covered by the insurance company as it is considered to be a pre-existing condition.

It all depends on the insurance company you choose and the policy you apply for as it states what is excluded from the coverage and what is not so remember to choose an insurance to your liking and apply wisely.