Let’s Talk: Sexual Harassment

Photo by Mihai Surdu

Have you ever been sexually harassed? Did you realise it was sexual harassment or just brushed it off as normal behaviour? We need to be able to identify it and take necessary actions if ever faced with it. Leading up to this, what is sexual harassment some may wonder? According to Women Watch, sexual harassment is considered an unwelcome behaviour of sexual nature.

Could sexual harassment only happen verbally? I'm afraid not. It tends to start off as verbal harassment. Then it slowly progresses into physical harassment if no action is taken. Some forms of verbal sexual harassment include cat-calling, making sexual comments regarding someone's clothing or body and also unwanted sexual jokes or questions. Whereas physical, sexual harassment includes unwanted kissing or touching, intentionally brushing up against another person or even touching a person's clothing or hair.

In most cases, many overlook how sexual harassment does not only affect women but a large number of men too, however, it is often brushed off. Sexual harassment can also be caused by both genders. This includes people you trust like family members, spouses, friends or even strangers and should be taken seriously regardless. The