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Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Lekor is a traditional snack loved by many, especially Malaysians who have a special and strong love for it. Back in January 2021, Yeo Kwong Jin, launched the brand LEKO. With Yeo’s family having been in the keropok lekor industry for over 20 years, Yeo wanted to carry on their family legacy. Hence, specialising in lekor chips, the name symbolises the product. Having such an amazing relationship between Malaysians and food, Yeo believes that lekor should be shared with the world. Built by a team of young adults, LEKO retains its unique taste, while adding a modern twist and innovation into the product.

LEKO’s founder, Yeo Kwong Jin.

“Our company’s goal is to make LEKO chips as iconic as Nasi Lemak, and turn this product into Malaysia's pride.”

-Yeo Kwong Jin

Lekor is one of those childhood canteen snacks you’ll definitely remember! Recess time in primary school was always the highlight of the day. This was the one time of the day when you could go to the canteen with your friends and get a snack to munch on! Our childhood wouldn't be complete if it wasn’t for these delicious snacks. It gives us a taste of simpler times.

Did you know, Lekor, also known as the Malaysian Fish Sausage, originated from the state of Terengganu in Malaysia? This traditional Malay fish cracker snack is definitely a must-try if you want to experience the Malay culture from Malaysia’s east coast in Terengganu! Their diversity in food is one of the ultimate elements of the culture. It comes in three main forms: lekor (which is long and chewy), losong (steamed) and keping (which is thin and crispy). LEKO sells Keropok Lekor Keping shaped into slices and with a crispier texture. They also have their homemade chili sauce, which is a perfect match with lekor. The sweet and spicy combination with the crunchy savory lekor is definitely worth trying.

LEKO’s Lekor Chip and Chilli Sauce.

Something exciting is coming! LEKO has plans to evolve their brand as they’ve realized their limits with the current brand brand name. They made a decision to rebrand and rename this business to not limit the growing potential in the market. Do look forward as LEKO may be launching new flavours soon. To be more accessible for customers, they are also looking into selling their products on GrabMart or PandaMart. Stay tuned!

(From left to right) PandaMart and GrabMart.

LEKO only uses fresh premium fish in making all their chips. They are gluten free and have no preservatives. Their chips are thin and crispy as they are freshly fried everyday. LEKO products are Muslim-friendly too, as they use halal oil when frying them and the chips are supplied by halal certified manufacturers.

Perfect snack for a quick energy boost!

LEKO’s products are priced at RM16 for a bottle of lekor chips, while their chilli sauce is priced at RM7 per bottle. If you’re craving for some binge worthy snacks, check them out on Shopee, Lazada or Instagram!

- P&M


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