Updated: Oct 1

Lekor is a traditional snack loved by many, especially Malaysians who have a special and strong love for it. Back in January 2021, Yeo Kwong Jin, launched the brand LEKO. With Yeo’s family having been in the keropok lekor industry for over 20 years, Yeo wanted to carry on their family legacy. Hence, specialising in lekor chips, the name symbolises the product. Having such an amazing relationship between Malaysians and food, Yeo believes that lekor should be shared with the world. Built by a team of young adults, LEKO retains its unique taste, while adding a modern twist and innovation into the product.

LEKO’s founder, Yeo Kwong Jin.

“Our company’s goal is to make LEKO chips as iconic as Nasi Lemak, and turn this product into Malaysia's pride.”

-Yeo Kwong Jin

Lekor is one of those childhood canteen snacks you’ll definitely remember! Recess time in primary school was always the highlight of the day. This was the one time of the day when you could go t