Leaving the Nest

Photo by The Blowup 

Disclaimer: The views expressed in this piece belong to the writer and are for informational purposes only.

Many of us tend to fear the idea of moving away. Maybe it is because we are forced to be independent or even dreading the idea of being alone. Personally, I have faced the same situation as I had to move away from home to pursue my studies. But honestly, it is not all that bad as some good has come out of it. However, there are must know the basics of what to do when living alone.

There are a few basic practices a person should do. For instance, jotting down one’s expenditures, setting up schedules to do chores, as well as taking safety measures or even preparing items that can be used for self-defence.


As young adults, we tend to spend money without setting a limit in our mind. This will inherently burn a hole in our pockets, affecting us significantly when desperate times arise. However, by jotting down our daily or even weekly expenditures in a journal, it will considerably help to keep track of them. These expenditures may include money spent on groceries, food, transportation, and utility bills. Personally, I’ve noticed a change in my expenses when I started taking note of them because it’s minor things like this that help us save a little more. This has worked for me as I can allocate enough money for my weekly expenses as well as having enough savings for when an emergency arises.