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Just Above Average

Photo by Alex Bracken on Unsplash

Humans have the constant need to be unique in order to stand out among others. This is especially prevalent in today’s society where everyone online has a niche - something they are known for being good at. Whether it is being a pro at skateboarding or having good grades, teenagers nowadays tend to compare themselves with content creators who make it seem as though they are good at everything they do. Thus, these impressionable minds who are exposed to these online platforms are hyperaware of how they appear to their peers. The stigma of being average makes it difficult for them to express themselves in fear that they might be labelled as an 'average joe’. However, what often slips their mind is that everyone on social media has a contrived version of themselves — what they choose to put out and what goes on behind the scenes is far from reality. We need to learn that we are not superhumans; it takes time and continuous effort to figure ourselves out.

No limits to the things you can do

Having a hobby is good for you because it contributes to happiness and helps develop a sense of identity. Normally, people who have a hobby or are particularly good at a skill would invest their time and effort into perfecting it. Being average at everything but never particularly good at one thing can be frustrating. To put things into perspective, you have gone through different phases of hobbies, from crocheting to cooking. However, to this day you are unsure of which hobby you should pursue because you are equally good at all of them. Nonetheless, not being tied down to one hobby gives you all the time to indulge in different interests. It opens up many possibilities for you because there is no limit to the things you can try. At the end of the day, it is never wrong to have multiple hobbies. A hobby is for leisure purposes, it isn’t a 9 to 5 job so have fun and don't stress over it.

Lower expectations, more satisfaction

According to research by Dr. Robb Rutledge, he mentioned that -“By having lower expectations, it is more likely that the outcome will exceed those expectations and have a positive impact on happiness.” Without having the pressure to perform excellently, you can focus on the learning process instead of stressing about the result. With that in mind, you can feel comfortable messing up. For instance, you are learning a new recipe and instead of expecting to be Gordon Ramsay on your first try, you can start small by cooking for your family. If you fail the first time, you can learn from your mistake and try again. The sense of accomplishment is euphoric once you have finally perfected it. By having lower expectations, you get to enjoy the little things in life even if they are not big accomplishments.

Being a well-rounded person

When you do not have a particular interest to focus on, you get the opportunity to learn new things every day. You may not be a master of everything, but you can have knowledge of a variety of things. Besides that, connecting with different people by sharing similar interests allows you to become a people person. Having gone through similar experiences yourself, you are able to empathise and understand their point of view when it comes to certain issues. No matter the situation or environment, you are able to get along with people easily. Slowly but gradually, you will grow into a well-rounded person.

‘Do what you love’

Growing up, you may have been familiar with the saying ‘do what you love.’ Doing something you love while making money out of it is like killing two birds with one stone. Being mediocre at things often results in having a hard time choosing what you want to pursue in life. However, having previous experience and basic knowledge in different fields expands your options. With just a little more experimenting, you get to take on different opportunities and understand yourself better while getting to grasp your strengths and weaknesses along the way. Don't rush into things just because you see the people around you doing it. It is imperative to not rush into things and only take the leap when you are certain of something. There are many public figures who took the time to figure things out before they found their strengths. Take Vera Wang - for example, the designer made her first wedding dress at the age of 40 which led her to open her own company. The same brand rose to fame and is one of the biggest names in the fashion industry today.

You don't have to be extraordinary to say you have accomplished a lot in life. Accomplishments can be getting out of bed or simply just making someone smile. It is your life to live after all at the end of the day. You can strive to do better while leading an average life. Do not forget to celebrate the little accomplishments along the way instead of fussing over what you have not achieved.

By: Danelle Tan Wae-Qing


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