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Is Going Under the Blade Necessary?

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Did the thought of getting plastic surgery ever occur to you? As you grow older, you tend to care about your appearance more or are more cautious of how you look. Your interest in how to ‘look good’ may grow, regardless of your gender. You may start to change the way you dress, work out to look more fit, start buying your own cosmetic products just to look good for the ‘gram or for your own satisfaction. Beauty standards now have evolved so much compared to the past, where it has reached the point where people have a desired look they wish to achieve. With this desire, after looking and comparing yourself with those on social media, you somehow have the urge to look more like them. You wish to change certain parts of your body or features, but is it really necessary? Personally, why take the risk of getting a procedure done and not opt for a different approach?

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First of all, getting a double eyelid tape can solve your problem of having mono-lids or uneven eyelids. It’s not hard to find them in stores or online, it’s easy to use, and most importantly, it’s cheap! Don’t you want to save some extra money whenever possible?

Want to get high cheekbones like those fashion models you see on the runway? Don’t go to a surgeon and say ‘I want cheekbones like so and so’. You can go and get yourself some contour and highlighters. These products are commonly used when putting on makeup to enhance your facial features. Contour and highlighters can also be used on your body. Put that contour on your abs lining that has always been there, but never clearly visible. Add a little highlighter for that bling and voila, your abs look chiselled like a chocolate bar.

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If you have baby fats that just never seem to go away, you can opt to use a V-shape bandage instead of getting the fats removed. The bandage can be used anytime when you’re home and can be worn to sleep. It’s a bandage that covers your chin tightly from ear to ear. Although it may feel as if your face is being squished at first, the bandage will loosen up a little bit as time goes by and you’ll get used to it. This bandage helps to shape your chin area to look sharp and get rid of your double chin problems. There are so many other things out there that can help you achieve the look you want, surgery is not the only key.

If it is too pricey for your budget, or you’re still contemplating getting one done, whether it is for aesthetic or essential reasons, there are always other alternatives out there. You can always have that chance of changing your appearance by using different products. Or, if you get bored with that certain look, you can always switch it up. Not everything has to have a permanent ending.

By: Melanie Kok


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