Is Going Under the Blade Necessary?

Photo by Samantha Evans Photography on "whoever told you i was perfect......"

Did the thought of getting plastic surgery ever occur to you? As you grow older, you tend to care about your appearance more or are more cautious of how you look. Your interest in how to ‘look good’ may grow, regardless of your gender. You may start to change the way you dress, work out to look more fit, start buying your own cosmetic products just to look good for the ‘gram or for your own satisfaction. Beauty standards now have evolved so much compared to the past, where it has reached the point where people have a desired look they wish to achieve. With this desire, after looking and comparing yourself with those on social media, you somehow have the urge to look more like them. You wish to change certain parts of your body or features, but is it really necessary? Personally, why take the risk of getting a procedure done and not opt for a different approach?

Photo by chthome on Shopee