Is Cafe Hopping the New Trend?

Updated: Oct 1

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

Any coffee lover would be unable to resist the rich aroma and comforting warmth of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. However, the love towards cafes is not only for coffee lovers. Cafe-hopping has become one of the most popular trends nowadays, especially among the youths. Ever wondered how cafe-hopping became a thing? Well, the trend first began in Kuala Lumpur and has since extended to other major towns such as Penang and Johor.

Long before, people might be more familiar with the ‘bar-hopping' trend. Both of them share the same concept, but they also vary in their own ways. Bar hopping is going to a few bars to have drinks at each one. People who enjoy the nightlife usually tend to find pleasure in it. On the other hand, Cafe-hopping is more suitable for people who find appreciation in a more calm and soothing lifestyle.

The trend of cafe hopping

Cafe-hopping is popular among the youths, to the point where some would say that it is every college student’s favourite pastime. It is a fun, enjoyable and refreshing way for us to spend some quality time with our friends. Many college students would choose to do their school work in cafes as they hop along to different ones. They find it easier to focus at cafes compared to being at home, as one can be easily distracted in their comfo