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Is Cafe Hopping the New Trend?

Updated: Oct 1, 2021

Photo by Nathan Dumlao from Unsplash

Any coffee lover would be unable to resist the rich aroma and comforting warmth of a freshly brewed cup of coffee. However, the love towards cafes is not only for coffee lovers. Cafe-hopping has become one of the most popular trends nowadays, especially among the youths. Ever wondered how cafe-hopping became a thing? Well, the trend first began in Kuala Lumpur and has since extended to other major towns such as Penang and Johor.

Long before, people might be more familiar with the ‘bar-hopping' trend. Both of them share the same concept, but they also vary in their own ways. Bar hopping is going to a few bars to have drinks at each one. People who enjoy the nightlife usually tend to find pleasure in it. On the other hand, Cafe-hopping is more suitable for people who find appreciation in a more calm and soothing lifestyle.

The trend of cafe hopping

Cafe-hopping is popular among the youths, to the point where some would say that it is every college student’s favourite pastime. It is a fun, enjoyable and refreshing way for us to spend some quality time with our friends. Many college students would choose to do their school work in cafes as they hop along to different ones. They find it easier to focus at cafes compared to being at home, as one can be easily distracted in their comfort zone. Besides the distractions, continuously staying at one place can be dull and boring for some. As one hops from a cafe to another, it is similar to one taking their study breaks. With these so-called ‘study breaks’, it can refresh one's mind to stay focused on the following tasks. As a result, it will also boost one’s productivity.

During this modern era, social networking connects every component of our lives. The same goes for the food industry, where restaurants and cafes nowadays would present their food and profile onto social media such as Instagram. To be up-to-trend, cafes would design their interior to be ‘Instagram-worthy’. Besides having quality food, having an instagrammable interior is also another major criteria to attract the younger generations. The youth loves to explore these ‘Instagram-worthy’ cafes, as they can capture and share photos that are aesthetically pleasing to their social media.

Moreover, cafe-hopping is a refreshing way for us to spend some quality time with our friends. The chill atmosphere of coffee shops is just right for a short catch-up and some good laughs with a group of friends. People would just hop from one cafe to another, trying out each shop's signature coffee or dessert. It's best when you go with a group of friends, as the more the merrier, you will be able to try as many goodies as you all can. Some of the cafes would also provide some small games in their store, such as board games and card games.

Everyone tends to have different food cravings and seek satisfaction in various ways. The same goes for coffee drinkers, a new breed of consumers starts to emerge as a new cafe appears. Ever wondered what type of ‘cafe hopper’ are you? Well, here are some of the several types of cafe hoppers that we normally see.

The different types of cafe hoppers

The Latte Art Lover

The Latte Art Lover can be considered as the earliest and prevalent type of cafe hopper. They are the type of people that go to cafes simply just for their latte arts. Some fancy the etching method, which involves the use of a tool to create the art after the pour. More complex illustrations can be achieved through this method. Many love the original method, free pouring, where it requires time and skills.

The Hipster / The Hunky-dorky Hipster

Industrial chic, garage-style cafés are just the type of cafes for the hipsters. These cafes are popular among the hipsters as they are drawn to industrial-like decors, such as unpainted walls, hanging ceiling wires, bottle lights, and less-than-comfortable wooden furniture.

The Single Origin Snob

This type of cafe hoppers are extremely precise towards the origin of the coffee. They are interested in where the source of coffee beans comes from. Not only that, they would even ask about the region, the farm name and the refinery process of the beans.

Photo by Zarak Khan from Unsplash

The adventurer

The adventurer is also called the ‘Gem-seeking Globetrotter’. Instead of gemstones, they hop around one cafe and another to find a favourable one of their own. It does not have to be a champion-winning cafe, as long as it is one-of-a-kind that brings out the unique personality of the cafe.

The Wifi Workaholic

“What’s the wifi password?” and “Is there free wifi?” are some of the common questions one would encounter in a cafe. The main concern of the wifi workaholic is on the connection of the wifi rather than on the quality of the coffee. Besides free wifi, many cafes also provide power plugs intended for their workaholic consumers.

Photo by Lukas Blazek from Unsplash

The Caffeinated Cyclist

This category of cafe hoppers is not so common in our country compared to Western countries. Who says you can’t be a cycling enthusiast and a coffee lover at the same time? There are cafes like ‘The Grumpy Cyclist’ which prioritise customers who are cyclists. Not only is the cafe designed with a cycling theme, they even provide services such as shower facilities for the riders.

The Barista Befriender

“The only way to have a friend is to be one”, is just the right quote to describe the barista befriender. This category of cafe hoppers is the kind of people who love to make friends. They simply appreciate just having a genuine conversation with one another. Instead of knowing the origin of the coffee, they are more interested in the person behind the cup of coffee. Who knows, that by talking with your barista would lead to meeting up with your soul mate?

Photo by Tyler Nix from Unsplash

I, personally belong to the latte art lover group, as I genuinely appreciate the making process of the coffee. From the selection of beans to the steaming hot milk and lastly the brewing of the coffee. Each step is equally important in order to make a good cup of coffee. The chill and relaxed environment of the cafe always enables me to work twice the progress as I do at home. Nevertheless, I enjoy spending time at cafes alone as well as spending it with a friend, nothing is better than a short catch-up with a buddy.

Perhaps all of us have an innate feeling of being a cafe hopper. However, as much as we love this, there is still a need for us to follow the safety precautions. We should make sure that we practice social distancing and other safety measures if we choose to dine in. Although it may be difficult for one to resist the day without hanging at a cafe, many cafes nowadays actually provide delivery services right up to your doorstep, where you can still enjoy your cup of coffee at your home. For the time being, let’s encourage all the coffee lovers to enjoy their cuppa at home, thus staying safe for themselves and their loved ones.

By: Angeline Chan


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