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Introduction To Voices Of Youth

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Voices of Youth is a brand new initiative that we at YOUth are adding to our lineup of content. We aim to provide real and personal stories to youths directly from those who want to tell them. Their personal stories will be shared on the YOUth website, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram and TikTok.

Our objective is to discover a different voice each month and that person will be our Voice of the Month. This Voice could be someone passionate about a particular field or even an activist in their field based on our monthly theme. We’re excited to bring you planned content for the next 6 months. Each month will be themed to represent an issue or event in the society.

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Introducing the theme for December: “Tis The Season” which revolves around Christmas and creating good memories with your loved ones. As we prepare to usher in the Christmas season, we intend to create content that will bring you abundance of joy and help you embrace the Christmas spirit with your loved ones.

Photo by Andreas Dress on Unsplash

January’s theme is “New Beginnings” which symbolizes the beginning of a new year. As we step into a new year and leave the past behind, we hope to spark a sense of hope and encouragement to youths who are about to embark on a new chapter in life.

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In February, “All We Need is Love” will celebrate Valentine’s Day and Chinese New Year. We will celebrate all forms of love and explore youths’ perspective of love and what it means to different people.

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In relation to International Women’s Day, we want to celebrate “Women!” in March. Our goal is to inspire young women by celebrating the cultural, political and social achievements of women throughout history, as well as the strides taken by young women today to break even more barriers regardless of their backgrounds.

Photo by Tara Winstead from Pexels

Lastly, April's theme is “Neurodiversity Acceptance”. With World Autism Day being the focus of the month, we intend to provide a platform for neurodiverse youths to make their voices heard. We believe this will help others recognize the abilities, strengths and differences of this group of people in the society. This chance will allow us to see things from the perspective of neurodiverse youths and have a better understanding on what it is to be neurodiverse.

Each month, the Voice of Youth will introduce themself through a write-up, briefly introducing who they are and the work they do. In addition to that, we will be writing related articles to help youths better understand the theme of that specific month.

For podcasts, the Voice of Youth of the month will have a dedication podcast for them to discuss experiences and issues in their respective fields. Since our podcasts are available on Spotify, we’re also coming up with a monthly curated playlist which will include a list of specially curated songs based on each month’s theme.


As for videos, we will be introducing a new series on our YouTube channel titled “Day In The Life” through Youtube Shorts. Each episode will follow a day in the life of the Voice of Youth where they will showcase everything they do in their daily lives. Additionally, we’re also introducing a new series: “#YOUthtries”, a vlog-style series where youths take on different and exciting challenges.

Also, don't forget to check out our Instagram post of the Voice of Youth to find out who they are. Not only that, we’ll also be sharing highlights from that month’s “Day In The Life” on Instagram reels, as well as snippets of the episode on our Instagram stories.

And last but not least, the Voice of Youth will join us for a series of Tik Tok videos relating to their field to better engage with you and provide a better insight about their fields.

As youths, we all have our differences as we come from different walks of life and backgrounds. We want to shed light on these differences and celebrate them through Voices of Youth. As per our slogan, we want to give a voice for the youth, by the youth, about the youth.

By: Natasha Ann Miranda


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