How to NOT “Break the Bank”

Photo by Pictures of Money on Flickr

In an earlier article, we talked about managing your finances, where we touched on budgeting and not over-spending. But how exactly do we start figuring out our budget for the month? Now for this situation, we’ll be thinking about your budget on a monthly basis.

Sometimes, Life just gets too Expensive.

We’ve all probably felt that feeling; that feeling of guilt and slight regret, as we realize that instead of buying a new pair of shoes, we probably should have saved it up to buy today’s lunch. But due to impulse and some poor decision-making, we’re left with an empty stomach (and some shiny new sneakers).

At this point, it feels like wherever we turn, there’s always another extra charge to be paid. From paying for food and transportation to utility and rental fees (if you’re living alone, that is), it feels like life is just one never-ending bill. Not to mention if you decide to go out and have some fun, that will turn out to be a whole other expense! So how are we supposed to keep our expenses in check, while still enjoying the many pleasures that life has to offer?