How To Manage Your Cash

Photo by Jason Leung

Have you ever heard your friends complain about not having money? Or maybe you didn't have enough money for a proper meal, so you had to survive on instant noodles for a week? This is just one of the aspects of not managing expenses well. Based on the report of the survey covered by FMT, 46.6% of self-employed lost their jobs during Malaysia's MCO period. In comparison, 35.5% of those who are still working have their incomes reduced by over 90% during this time as well. With the lessons this pandemic has taught us, it is crucial to know how you can better manage your finances.

First and foremost, think twice before spending. You must be able to differentiate your wants from your needs. If you know you don't have a lot of money, then only buy what is absolutely necessary. What you need are items that will benefit your life as a whole. Whereas purchases you want, are things that satisfy immediate desires like new clothes and accessories. Thus, before you buy something, ask yourself what the importance of it is.

On top of that, jot down your income and expenses. This can serve as a reminder so that you can check if you're spending too much money. I'd suggest having your own notebook or notepad to jot down your income and expenses. If that doesn't suit you, there are countless financial apps online like