How MCO Made Couples Experience LDR When They're Not Technically Far Apart

Student couples would normally experience long distance relationships (LDR) when their partner is either overseas or in another city. However, due to the restriction of the MCO, it created a “new normal” that even Non-LDR couples experienced how it felt going through a long distance relationship.

During the MCO period, mass gatherings were strictly prohibited and only allowed traveling for emergencies or with a valid reason. Roadblocks were set up everywhere to ensure that Malaysians followed the rules and stopped the spread of the covid-19 virus.

Trust Issues

The only way for couples to contact each other during the MCO was through their mobile phones or other gadgets. Doing so has caused misunderstandings due to its limitations with virtual communication. Communicating face to face is better as both parties can see each other’s facial expressions and body language. The same conversation can be interpreted in a thousand different ways due to the lack of physical expressions, especially through text messages or a phone call. They could be replying with a simple ‘ok’ without any other context to it, but their partner would feel as though he/she is replying half-heartedly, when in actual fact, they were just preoccupied with work. This would not only lead to arguments, but also feelings of insecurity.

The same goes to whenever their partner has seen but not replied (SNR) their messages or maybe did not read the message. They would start questioning whether their partner still cares for them or even still loves them. To overcome this, try taking the time to reply sincerely and avoid giving a vague reply to give that sense of security towards your partner. This can help you have a positive relationship rather than causing an argument.