How Has K-Pop Changed the World?

Photo by Joel Muniz on Unsplash

K-pop has had a huge impact globally in our current era, introducing South Korean culture to the world as well. We can now see Korean cuisine, fashion, cosmetics and more trending all around the world.

K-pop has become a hot topic around the world, but how did K-Pop come to be? K-pop has existed since the 1950s, with The Kim Sisters being its pioneers. The Kim Sisters were a group of three female singers who debuted together. Due to their exceptional talent and impeccable style, they caught everyone’s attention. They were a Korean-born band with no foundation in English but they still made it onto the Billboard single’s chart in 1962, reaching no. 7 on the chart. They are considered to be the inventors of K-Pop. The ones who laid its foundation.

What does K-Pop encompass?

K-pop can be understood as pop music produced in South Korea. The music produced includes many genres such as R&B, hip-hop, and subgenres like tropical house as well. Producing a K-pop song is far from easy as it requires many producers and a long period of time