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Hey Newbies! Tips For You to Survive in the Workplace.

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When we were young, many of us longed to grow up quickly, but as we grew up, we started to become afraid and did not want to continue to grow up. However, time is a cruel thing because it forces people to grow up. There is no such thing as a definite sense of being grown up. Only at a particular point in time will there come a feeling that it is time for us to do so because we have grown up.

When we grow up and become adults, our first priority is to work. As the saying goes, "The workplace is a battlefield". Therefore, to avoid unnecessary conflicts and make yourself comfortable in the workplace, it is necessary to learn how to interact with colleagues appropriately to make us feel at ease in the workplace. In the adult world, we will see both the ugliness and beauty of human nature. So keep these four principles in mind to be the best at your job!

4 Tips to Survive in the Workplace

1)Not releasing negative energy

I believe that everyone will have negative emotions, especially in the face of overwhelming work every day. However, suppose we radiate negative energy in front of colleagues and talk to them about the troubles along with the unhappiness we face at work. In that case, it will only make them more exhausted. Therefore, instead of spreading negativity to them, we can choose an appropriate time to talk with colleagues about pleasant topics such as travelling, food and fashion trends. It will also help to get closer to them.

2)Never discuss personal matters with colleagues

Teh Hee Ing, a tuition centre teacher, recommends when something goes wrong in life, like a breakup, family feud, or arguments with a partner, do not readily tell your colleagues. This is because compared to the difficulties faced in work, it is not advisable to pour it out to them about the problems we faced in our personal life. It will add further annoyance to our colleagues and also be detrimental to our reputation if rumours spread out.

3)Maintain the right work attitude

Carmen Lee, who works in event management, says that resentment at work is inevitable. Still, we should not let it get in the way of our own attitude towards other colleagues. Keep in mind that a bad attitude can easily be annoying or the butt of a joke. Be polite enough to correct them if someone is doing an unsatisfying job. On the other hand, doing the job well and maintaining the right work attitude will help us get along with our colleagues.

4)Switch the thinking model

Last but not least, in the first year of working, you will have to learn and adapt to many things. It will be exhausting as there are times when we feel drained trying to catch up to others. Teh Hee Ing has a pro-tip for this. In addition to relieving stress through exercise and relaxation, we may need to change the mindset we use to help us get through a difficult time. Think about the purpose of the job. Is it salary? Work experience? Or maybe a promotion? When encountering bottlenecks, think about the original intention, think about the blood, sweat and tears shed to get this far, and continue to work firmly for the future.

Photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

"Taking care of yourself is your responsibility. Taking care of others is how we survive", says Lee Bee Ching. Being proactive and understanding will help us lead a better life in the workplace. Do not be stingy about investing in yourself, keep improving your professional abilities for a brighter future!

By: Chew Chia Lok


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