Habit is the Ladder to Success

Amidst this lockdown, I'm sure you have plenty of time in your hands now to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Juggling between a routine of online classes, getting a good night’s rest, and me-time. This routine becomes a habit of ours. Or does it?

Emotion who?

People tend to go out of their way to do something fun and productive, not adhering to one fixed routine. It is indeed difficult to make time that allows us to indulge in a habit, mainly because our emotions play a big role in forming a habit.

Being a fickle-minded person, I often jump from one thing to another, and because of that, I get sidetracked. From fixing a healthier sleep schedule to reading more, the list never ends. If you're like me, having too much in hand can make it overwhelming and at the end of the day, the list is put aside. This is where everything goes south!

Perhaps merely wanting to have a healthier lifestyle may not be the best push factor for me.

Find your light!

Photo by Shun Wei on Instagram

While spending more time online, it made me feel like I have to learn a new skill. Coming across talented artists while spending time online has encouraged my habit of drawing more. Now pause, what makes you happy?