Guide to Film Photography

Photo by Eric Lee on Unsplash

Capturing a photograph with a soft, dewy mood and some grainy overtones along with a little touch of light streaks in the corner is a sight and process that everyone should try at least once in their lifetime. This is film photography. Surely many of you have noticed the recent comeback of film photography, with the popularity of film cameras as well as the Tiktok videos on DIY film filters. This just proves how much film photography has inspired the younger generation, but the real question here is if you know what it truly is or are you just blindly chasing the hype.

Some may know that photography was first invented in the 19th century when Joseph Nicephore recorded the first-ever image using a Portable Camera Obscura. Based on an article by ExpertPhotography, it was stated that photography started with the usage of analogue cameras before the arrival of the digital revolution. The steps to process a photograph back then were not as simple as how we have it now. This is due to the number of days or sometimes weeks to fully process a roll of stills, but that is what makes film photography an experimental and exciting experience.

According to Jonathan Ma, the first-ever film camera was invented in the year 1880 and it was called Kodak. Back then, film cameras were pretty in demand as the prices were relatively cheap and many were interested in the simplicity of the camera. As years went by, the features and design of the cameras were improved and then came the 35mm film camera that eventua