For Those Away From Home:

Photo by Natasha Britney on Instagram

You’ve finally moved out of your hometown, embarking on new endeavors. Maybe it’s in a new city or country, or maybe even a new continent. You may feel emotions of excitement or feelings of joy, but it'll be impossible to avoid one thing; feeling homesick. It’s exciting at first, but eventually, you start missing mummy dearest, or even the postman that waves at you every Monday. Being away from home can make you sad. It’s okay to feel down. In fact, it is completely normal and valid! You left the place you grew up in, where the people you know marked tons of memories on every sidewalk.

This is the time when you are at your lowest. Depression kicks in and you lose yourself a little. You realize your self-esteem has dropped and you just don't ‘feel like it’ anymore. It’s okay to drown in your sorrows for a bit, you can stay in bed all day, or cry looking back at Snapchat memories; but what’s important is that you let that cloud come and GO. Once you’ve let it all out, it’s crucial that you put yourself together. Getting back on your feet is necessary, as you will slowly need to adapt to your current situation.

Photo by Natasha Britney on Instagram

Ways Being Away Can Affect Your Whole Being…

Your experience. It’s important to be able to cope with feelings of unfamiliarity. Often times, you’ll feel uncomfortable, and too scared to try anything new. Experience new things for your personal growth. The more familiar you feel with your surroundings, the less you think about home.