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Establishing Boundaries for Online Students

Have you been feeling worn out lately? Burning the midnight oil more often or having less motivation to do things? Well, you are not alone! Youths have commented on how they feel more tired these days even though most of their work and activities have shifted to online.

Circumstances differ, whether it is a heavy workload, too much leisure time or taking the value of time for granted; these things get in the way of our daily lives. And it does not make situations better with a whole pandemic amid everything! People have no choice but to study or work from home. So, how can someone make life less stressful and more manageable? Keep on reading to know more.

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Getting enough sleep

We all know that sleep is an indispensable part of life. However, many overlook it, especially those who take their energy for granted by increasing their tolerance rather than getting a good night's rest. This lockdown has caused most students not to need to wake up as early; since they have the freedom to wake up right before class starts, which provides them with an excuse to sleep late, sometimes even until dawn.

Your sleep schedule should be as mighty as Thor because if you're not sleeping like the God of Thunder himself then you're going to turn into the sloth-like version of Thor in Avengers: Endgame. According to, lack of sleep can cause depression and stress that leads to an unstable change of mood and aggression. Suggestions that can assist in keeping these worries at bay are scheduling a fixed time for bedtime. Having a consistent pre-bed routine that is relaxing can help those who have difficulty sleeping to go to bed earlier.

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Taking a Break

Having to stare at screens for a long time can significantly damage one's eyes which will then affect your concentration and overall health. To add to that, most people are scrolling through social media instead of taking a break from the screen. The effects of these leave a person with a constant feeling of drained energy throughout the day and sometimes, even dozing off in class. As tough as it is, there should be a limit you should take when you are working. The smallest step of setting a timer every 30 minutes as a reminder to take a short break from whatever you are doing helps enormously. Throw some stretches in the mix to engage your body so you can freshen up your mind and get some circulation flowing.

Finding a Balance

With what the world's current situation looks like, life is much different than what we are used to. Deadlines and workloads have been increased drastically, which results in having less time to unwind and having to prioritise work overly. According to WebMD, quality family time is something that will be affected, similar to how P.T Burnam in The Greatest Showman almost loses everything. The simple but effective key is to find a balance in what you do. By creating time for activities you enjoy, you are not only allowing prioritising your health and wellbeing but also preventing a Hulk-sized rampage. Creating a balance helps in the long run because taking time to relax benefits the brain to process critical data and retain information.

To have a better and healthier future, we all have to start somewhere. Not just for the sake of our health, but also to be a role model to others. And hopefully, when this pandemic is over, everyone has a story on how to face trial and error, and confront their battles when they may appear unexpectedly.

By Quenton Chang


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