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E-Book Review: Chapter 4 Was A Real Page Turner?

An insight on what E-book entails

The chapter chosen to be reviewed upon request was Chapter 4: ‘What Is Inside the Minds of Generation Z?’ The initial impression I got off the chapter title itself was that it would be about the untapped reservoirs into merely understanding what the minds of Generation Z comprise of. However, after reading the said chapter, it is prominent that the main goal of the chapter was to converse deeper into the “whys” rather than the just the “whats” of the Generation Z mindset.

Sneak peek of Chapter 4

It is safe to say that the students were very well researched in the production of this chapter as a brief history along with an abundance of examples and emphasis were given on each subtopic. I can clearly see why the history of The Great Depression along with the Economic Recession was a necessity in correspondence to understanding how Gen Z’s reflect off the past mistakes to counter the possibility of them repeating. Personally, what shifted my attention was the topic on parental influence as the root of the cause. As someone who has an intense resonance with the topic, it is deeply appreciated that the authors took it upon themselves to write about such matters on family dynamics. Which are quite rarely or close to never brought up in self-improvement books of the past. The authors were also very meticulous in analysing the different perspectives of family discourse and their possible outcomes.

Into the bargain, ‘A Penny Saved is A Penny Earned’ was a good read as it talked about the ever so budget-conscious Generation Z. Yet again the authors were careful to inspect non-biased perspectives, provide precise examples and managed to illustrate the financial decisions a Gen Z individual would likely adopt. Apart from the two protruding topics within this chapter that caught my eye, the ending of the chapter was beautifully tied to understanding the totality of the Generation Z mindset. From promoting individuality to exchanging codes of communications through the use of slangs, the final bits of the chapter reflect on how wholesome in effect belonging to Generation Z is; a community with a common goal expressed through multiple manners. In short, the entirety of the chapter was a real page-turner and widely insightful on understanding as well as deciphering the connotations of Generation Z.

Going through the book itself, the layout is seemingly bold. It utilises space to a paramount that is apparent in the marginal layout. In my first instances, I was not expecting many entries of abbreviations as previously, I have only read books of classic literature. Even so, drawing back to the factor of this book’s intended target audience, it made more sense to me. I soon found myself being submerged into the sentences fully without the bother of abbreviations. The tone of the book was needless to say thoroughly ordered and contributed to conveying the overall message through a light-hearted, conversational gist. Finally, it can be concurred that the process of a tedious feat as of writing this book was perfectly executed by some of the most exemplary and diligent students that IACT College has to offer.

You can head on over to Wattpad, Bookrix, Smashwords or Movellas to read up on ‘What’s The Tea With Gen Z’.

By Alyssa Mia Goh


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