Drumming Up A Passion

“Persistence is the quality that will ultimately guarantee success,” she said. This quote has been in the depths of her mind, inspiring and motivating her to thrive in her journey of drumming.

Photo provided by Janet Lee

Janet Lee is a 19-year-old drummer who comes from a small town named Teluk Intan which is located in Perak, Malaysia. If you were wondering what kind of drum she plays, it’s the 24 Festive Drum. The 24 Festive Drum is a traditional art with a combination of dance, drama as well as martial arts, containing elements of Chinese culture. At the same time, it acts as a way to incorporate storytelling and music in the performances.

“It’s like telling a story when I was playing the drum,” she said.

Unlike Western drum kits where the sets of drums are usually played along with singing and dancing, 24 Festive Drums position drummers as the central focus on the stage. Not only as a performer but also as a storyteller and musician. Compared to other drums, the 24 festive drummers weave and present their story through the performance by channelling their emotion and power.