Don’t Fear Learning About Your Body

Photo by Terry Tran on Unsplash

Growing up as an Asian, talking about sex with friends or family has always been a difficult thing to do as we are strictly prohibited from bringing up this topic since we were young. As time passes, we become increasingly curious about it and we want to find out more but since the topic of sex is a taboo, we may not get the chance to learn more about it. Hence why there are youths who are still unsure and unclear of their own body and the changes they will be facing during puberty. It can be critical if one does not fully understand how their body works, as they might end up with different diseases or infections if they do not take good care of their body. So in order to prevent these situations from happening, youths need to do their best to educate themselves regarding sexual education if there is no help available. Though learning about it on your own sounds tough, it is not impossible.

Clarify your sexual values

The first thing when it comes to sexual education is to ensure that you have clear and correct sexual values. According to Emily Torres, it is not necessary to implement all beliefs that were instilled by schools, religions or families. Do your own resea