Designing an Ambition

Self-portrait of Ahmed Nabeeh

We all dread that day. The day we graduate from college and start looking for jobs. It's a road that we must inevitably walk down, even though the prospect of being a full-fledged adult weighs down on our shoulders like a heavy boulder. I know for a fact that confronting such a day sends quite the shiver down my spine. But some people have walked down that path before us, youngsters could even take the first step into college. He has made quite a name for himself back in his country of the Maldives, and that individual is none other than Ahmed Nabeeh Abdul Sattar!

Ahmed Nabeeh is a 27-year-old Maldivian graphic designer currently residing in Penang, Malaysia. He prides himself on being a very "artsy" guy who's all about multimedia. He's always had a passion for creativity that dates back to his days as a young child. As a little boy, he said he loved to draw and colour, a hobby that was encouraged and nurtured by his mother. A humorous anecdote he shared was that he could only sit still during meal times after his mother gave him a paper and a box of coloured pencils to help him let loose in his creativity.

It was during his days in middle school that Nabeeh cultivated his passion for graphic designing. This transpired after one of his leading teachers encouraged him to make a banner for his school that represented its core values. For a middle schooler, it's safe to say this was his first big project in graphic design, and to have partaken in such an achievement at a young age is all the more astounding. "I was surprised to see it on display upon the pillars, even on my last visit home. It is satisfying to see it still in-use, close to a decade after I designed it", he says.