Curb your social stereotype


This article is all about how stereotypes can limit your social interactions. We're going to take a look at why people assume certain things about you based on what you say and do, then we'll show you how to break those stereotypes so that no one sees you as one-dimensional.

If it seems like people already have a preconceived notion of who they think you are before they get to know the real, authentic version of you, there is no need to stress or be intimidated. Social stereotypes are only limited by your willpower, there are no other limits to the types or kinds of people in this world. While we may have biases, preconceptions, and stereotypes about most things in life, there are simply too many unique individuals to list them all. As long as you don't mindlessly follow these popular social stigmas, you can make that one person who doesn't fit into the pattern feel like an exception rather than an outcast.

After all, everyone is just a little bit different from the rest and that doesn't mean there is anything wrong with that. You don't have to be a stereotypical alpha male to be the social king of the party or school campus. It's how you treat people that counts, not how many people you can get to follow you. Thank goodness for individuality and the unique quirks that make us who we are. I'm sure that the future of humanity is going to be positively affected by these outliers even if society is a bit slow to catch up. So sometimes, it is necessary to break social stereotypes in order to ma